STM Q20.2

Workout Description - Scorecard
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AMRAP 15min 


A) Max Cal Row 


B) 3-6-9-12-15…etc. reps of: 

Synchro Pull Ups (MF) 

Alt. Squat Cleans / Front Rack Hold, 50/35kg (MF) 

Alt. DB Snatches / Overhead Hold, 22.5/15kg (MF) 


*do 8 Synchro Burpees over Rower after each round (MF)  



* On 3-2-1-Go, A & B start at the same time. Team MF1 starts with Part A (Max Cal Row) and Team MF2 starts with Part B (the 3-6-9-12-15...etc.). 


* If the team MF2 comes to the Burpees over the rower, the rowing team has to leave the device and can prepare for the Synchro Pull-ups. However, you have to wait until the 8 burpees are completed. 


* After the 8 burpees, the Team MF1 has to switch to Part B. The teams changes every round. 


* Attention: If you are to slow at the burpees and the display on the rowing machine goes out, the calories start again at "0"! 


Max Cal Row 

The starting position of the starting athlete is standing behind the rowing machine. With 3-2-1-Go: The athlete may climb the Concept2 Rower. Rowing machines other than Concept 2 are not permitted for the qualification! The settings for the airlock are up to each team. When the 15 minutes have passed, the handle must be switched off and released immediately. The calories on the rowing machine at the time of the sounding clock are noted and recorded with the camera at the end. 


Synchro Pull Ups 

The starting position of the starting team is standing in front of the pull-up bars. On 3-2-1-Go: The Synchro Pull-ups can be started. Both athletes must stretch their arms and start with the heel behind the pull-up bar. If you want to perform the pull-ups strictly you must have the shoulders, hips and heels in a vertical line before each rep. Both team members are allowed to use different techniques in the execution (Strict, Kipping, Butterfly). To achieve a valid rep, the chin of both athletes must be over the bar at the same time. 



Alt. Squat Cleans / Front Rack Hold 

One athlete of the MF team starts in the front rack position. The first lift to the front rack is not counting and can be done by choice (any clean). The front rack position has to be in straight posture (heel, hip and shoulder in a vertical line) until the partner is performing a squat clean and wait in the front rack position so the other team member can do the next squat clean. For a squat clean, the weights must touch the floor on both sides. The barbell must be reached under parallel with a squat. A power clean followed by a front squat is allowed. 


Alt. Dumbbell Snatches / Overhead Hold 

One athlete of the MF team starts in the overhead position. The first lift to the overhead position is not counting and can be done by choice (ground to overhead). The overhead position has to be in the vertical body extension (wrist, shoulder, hip and heel in a vertical line) until the partner is performing a DB Snatch and wait in the overhead position so the other team member can do the next DB Snatch. Both athletes must be in the overhead position at the same time bevor they change the next rep. In addition, the weight must be over the shoulder and not pushed away sideways from the body. Both dumbbell heads must touch the floor, which does not have to be done at the same time. The shoulder should never be touched. 


Synchro Burpees over Rower 

If the team of Part B comes to the burpees over the rower, the other team of Part A has to leave the rower. Both athletes start on each side from the rowing machine. Both athletes must touch the chest on the floor at the same time. The athletes may jump or walk across the shaft of the rowing machine. The feet may never touch the rowing machine and the shaft must be crossed with both feet. 8 synchro reps to be done after every round. One rep is when both athletes have performed one Burpee and reached the other side of the rower.