Weightlifting - Mi 02.12.20

Warm up

For 5 min

Bike – 30s easy 30s moderate

OR row OR ski

-Then- for 3 min

Foam roll 10-15 Passes on each bodypart


-Upper back/Thoracic spine

-Triceps and delts


-Calf and achilles

-Then- for 3min

20 Wrist circles in each direction

20 Elbow circles in each direction

20 Arm circles in each direction

30s Doorway shoulder stretch each arm

30s bottom of the squat

-Then- for 3 min

5 Snatch grip deadlift

5 Muscle snatch

5 Overhead squat

5 Full snatch


Hang snatch

Build to a heavy 3RM for the day.


Hang Snatch

5×1 @ 90-95% 3RM


5×2 Pause snatch deadlift @ 105% 1RM snatch

*Hold at above knee for 10s


3 Rounds

10 Barbell good morning, pick weight

10 Weighted dip, pick weight

10 Dumbbells reverse fly, pick weight

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