WOD - Samstag

Event 3: (time cap 30 min)

WOD 8:

100 Wall Balls 14/10lbs
50 Double Unders


20/25/30 reps of:
Hanging Knee raises
Powerclean 40/25kg


50 Jumping Pull-up
50 Back Squat 40/25kg


20/25/30 reps of:
Knees to arms
Kettlebell Snatch 16/12kg


50 Jumping CTB Pull-ups
50 Front Squat 40/25kg


Remaining time, amrap:
10 Deadlift 90/55kg
10 Wall Climbs
10 Jumping Bar Muscle Up


WOD 8 Notes:

*1 Male and 1 female bar, 1 Kettlebell each weight and a maximum of 1 station for Wall Balls, all hanging exercises (= 1 Pull-up bar) and the Wall Climb per Team

* Athletes start in standing position without touching any equipment

* no minimum work requirement per athlete

* only one Athlete is working at a time


Score of WOD 8: Max reps

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