Workout of the day

TEAM WOD (Teams Of 2)

- 100x Team Medball Sit-Ups

- 15x Push-Ups
- 15x KB Push Press (2x 16/12kg)
(Work Only If The Other Team Member Does Plank)
6 Rounds (Change Position After Every Round)

- 100 KB Swings 20/16 Kg
(Work Only If The Other Member Does Rope Jumps)

- 200 Leg Lever
Every Time A Member Touch The Ground With His Feet, The Other Has To Jump Over It (No Minimum Work Req.).

- 50x Pull-Ups (Both Athlets)
(The Only Support Is Your Team Mate)

- 400m Barbell Carry 
(Total BW/2 = Weight)

Perform Together 10,9,8,...1
- Burpee Box Jumps
- Air Squat

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