Workout of the day

Buy in (each): 
50 Sit ups
50 Hang Power Cleans (35kg / 50kg)
50 Slam Balls
50m OH Lunges (15kg / 25kg)

Stations (teams of 2):
30 cal rowing with deadlift hold (50kg / 80kg)
30 HSPU with HS hold
30 Burpee KB (10kg / 16kg) with Rope Jumps
30 T2B with hang
3x 400m run with Wall Balls
300sec (5:00min) Plank with Balance Board

Buy out (each):
50 Bicycle Sit Ups
50 Box Jumps over
5x 40m KB Farmer Carry (16kg / 24kg)
50 (Jumping) Pull Ups

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